Indoor and masked classes

We are returning to live Capoeira Angola classes.

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm at

Intersect Arts Center
3636 Texas Ave. St. Louis, MO

Get ready for that Fall ginga!

For more information please feel free to contact us at:

Bahia, Brazil 2019

I was fortunate to travel to Bahia, Brazil this winter for the international capoeira angola conference with the rest of the CECA crew. We got to met with Mestre Pé de Chumbo, and other students from all round Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Germany.

We stayed in lovely city of Santa Cabrália for a week, and then moved on to continue training in Salvador. There we got to train with great capoeiristas, Dedé, Rosa, Boy from CECA (students of Mestre Pé de Chumbo) along with Mestres Faisca and Ciro. Mestre Ze do Lenço was there. The whole experience was pretty cool.

The photos are from Cris Lima (the group’s awesome photographer).


Beginners Capoeira Angola classes at Intersect Arts Center

We have been pretty sad that Yeyo Arts Collective has closed its Jefferson store front in South City to prepare for a move to The Greater Ville Neighborhood on the North Side.

In the mean time, we will be hosting Beginners Capoeira Angola Classes at Intersect Arts Center at 3636 Texas Ave, St Louis, MO 63118. The beautifully renovated school is maintained by the Holy Cross Lutheran Church and serves as an arts center and gallery.



Capoeira Angola Movement and Music at the Pulitzer

The year has gone off to an awesome start. I was asked to help with a Capoeira Angola presentation at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation for their exhibit “Living Proof”. Among the many print pieces featuring the fluid movement from Japanese masters, we were able to share the fluid dance of Capoeira. We were even able to invite Professor Stefan to give a class!

Lots of thanks to the Pulitzer for inviting us to participate and to Mr. Otis for taking some time to snap a few pictures while we set up musical instruments.

Rodinha in the Delmar Loop


Our friends Fumaça and David hosted a Rodinha in the Delmar Loop and got to bring together a lot of Angoleiros in front of Vintage Vinyl.

CECA-Boston Encounter 2017

A hot July in Saint Louis, but cool and rainy in Boston, Mass where Mestre Deraldo hosts his Roots of Bahia. There we got to touch base with our Mestre and continued to strengthen the relationships with our Angola community. I want to give a special shout out to Mestre Claudio who taught one of the best workshops ever in Orixa dance!

Rodinha at the World’s Fair Pavilion

I have to thank Fumaça and David for setting up a little promotional roda at St. Louis’ African Arts Festival. After a pretty torrential downpour, we got a few games in. I even got to vadiar with my little angoleirinho.

Vadiação in Urbana

Spring time for Capoeira Angola in the mid-West always involves C.M. Denis’ Event in Urbana-Champagne, Illinois. A few of us head down from Saint Louis to train with Mestre João Grande. We got to share a lot of great energy and axé with his group.

And I got to see my old friend C.M. Beto from Chicago and his family!


CECA: Asheville – St. Louis Encounter 2016

In November, our little Angoleiro community was fortunate to host Prof. Stefan Bonitz of Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola in Asheville, North Carolina. He gave some superb classes over the weekend to help strengthen our work with Mestre João Pequeno’s lineage of Capoeira Angola.


Here are a few pictures from one of the event rodas.

Vadiando with Capoeira Estrela de Norte

In the Summer of 2016, we cut through Illinois to visit Mestre Iuri and his Grupo de Capoeira Angola Estrela de Norte (North Star Capoeira Angola) in Indiana for their conference and workshops. There we trained with  Mestre Deraldo and Mestre Manhoso from CECA-Boston, and Mestre Grande from New York along with other angoleiros from the East and West coasts.

All the cats in Indiana we great hosts helping fill our little mid-Western Bahia with lots of Axé and great capoeira.